Baptist Distinctives - New Series

There are some beliefs that all born again Christians hold to. They are fundamental beliefs of Christianity such as the inerrancy of the scriptures and it being the inspired word of God, as well as the virgin birth of Jesus, that He gave himself as a substitutional atonement for our sins when he died on the cross, that Christ literally and bodily resurrected after three days, and that He will soon be coming again! There are Christians across some denominational lines that would adhere to these doctrinal Christians.

There are however some basic doctrinal truths that all Christians do not hold to, but have historically been unique to Baptist churches. These are not simply Baptist "traditions," but rather clearly biblical teachings. It just so happens that these biblical distinctives are typically doctrines that Baptists have historically championed. For sure there are some Christians that may not be Baptist that will hold to one or a few of these doctrinal teachings, but it is usually only Baptists that would hold to all of these biblical distinctives.

I will begin teaching this series on Biblical Distinctives of Baptists beginning December 1st (about 12 weeks in duration) in our Adult & Youth Bible Class at Napavine Baptist Church at 10 AM on Sundays. There is also an exciting Sunday School class for children where they are having fun learning the Bible!


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